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Enalsa pump, enalsa balloon.

Information and advice on Enalsa pumps.


My various interventions and my personal experience in the field of refrigeration and heating as a technician, sav manager then project manager for 17 years, allow me to do the following analyzes:

- LG compressors running on R410a are unsuitable for this type of installation (Second generation), they get stuck due to lack of oil return in the circuit causing the compressor to break. These compressors were installed around 2009 and will be replaced at short and medium term.

- Danfoss compressors running on R404a are good invoices and have proven themselves (First generation on R22 then on R404a) however some replacements are to be expected, this is mainly due to a poor implementation during installation, lack of load, LP sensors not connected and gas leaks are the essential points that cause compressors to break.


- Is your installation running out of fluid? a visual and sensory check can be done by resting your hand on the compressor it must be lukewarm or slightly hot, you must be able to leave your hand there.

- The temperature problems are generally due to a lack of load, to the compressor out of order or to an electrical problem.

- The thermostats can be replaced by any type found in the supermarket.

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